Thursday, 3 May 2012

Being the bigger person. Literally.

On the downhill side of the week now - finally!  That being said, several times tonight I've thought about calling in sick to work tomorrow.  I hate that place.

It doesn't help that the person I'm having troubles with (who will here on in be known as "The Troll") is still trying to mess with me.  After all the drama of last week, I thought we were going to come to some sort of unspoken agreement that we would maintain professional courtesy.  Not the case.

He has now started tweeting about me.  Not specifically about me but - it's obviously about me!  I don't follow The Troll but a friend at work does and it was obvious enough to him that he decided to come over and show me these troll-ish tweets on his iphone.  Ugh!!!  I spent a good part of the day thinking of comeback tweets that are obviously (and yet not specifically) in retaliation but I know he's just trying to get a reaction out of me and I refuse to stoop to his level.

Can you believe this person is my supervisor????  I wish I could go into more detail but it's best if I don't.  Ugh!!!

It's the last thing I need.  I had some other things test me today at work and I faltered a bit but overall I think I handled the day pretty well.  At one point I thought about racing home on my afternoon break to get an ativan but I didn't.  Instead I smoked and did deep breathing exercises in the elevator. Baby steps.

I have a feeling this medication is finally starting to do something.  I was tempted to say "starting to work" but....I honestly feel like any "work" has to come from me (deep within) and the medication is only helping me to do it.  I feel a bit stronger.  I slept on the couch last night and will probably do so again tonight but at least now I'm falling asleep at a normal time instead of crashing immediately after work and drifting in and out of consciousness until I have to get up and do the whole thing over again.

My room just feels so empty and lonely. 

Still thinking about calling in sick tomorrow. 



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