Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Not-So-Fun Day.

Incase it needs to be said, this blog is more like a journal/diary for me than it is a display of my impressive writing skills (or lack thereof).  I needed a place where I could come and just let the words and feelings flow from my fingertips. I wanted to write every day but I've already missed a few and I have a feeling some days I might feel the need to write multiple posts.

As the weatherman predicted (correctly for once) today is a beautiful day.  Sun is shining, birds are chirping and everyone seems to be oot and aboot.  As I predicted, I've only left the house to take the dogs out back.

But I have moved a ton of furniture and am cleaning my carpets!!!  It's amazing what one will do to avoid the things that scare them.  *sigh*

I also slept until noon today which I figured I would do. 

The person I've been seeing (who needs a code name) was supposed to come over tonight for dinner but it's 3pm and I've yet to hear from him.  And I refuse to make the first contact after being sold out last night.  (I need to write about how I got myself into this situation in the first place.)

I'm going to continue cleaning carpets, then I'm going to take the dogs to the park, then I'm going to make a nice dinner for myself and watch "Game of  Thrones". 

Seize the day.


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