Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lonely Alone.

I should probably just go to bed.  I'm exhausted (it will be worse tomorrow!) and I'm feeling miserable.  Nothing good will come of staying awake any longer and yet I'm avoiding going to bed because that means I'll be at work that much sooner.


I feel alone.  I AM alone.  I guess I'm having a bit of a pity party.  Nobody knows what is really going on with me.  How bad it is.  Nobody knows.  Writing makes me feel less alone.

Maybe I should talk to my doctor about up-ing my anti-depressant dosage.  I am overcome with fatigue and though the dark thoughts are less, they are still prominent.  They outweigh the good.  This is no kind of life!!!

Guess I'm going to go to sleep. 

Really hoping tomorrow is a good day.  "Good" might be pushing it.  I'll settle for not-bad.



  1. I hear you and I understand!

  2. Thank you "Me". Your comment makes me feel less alone....in more ways than one. :)